The brand new SAR cargo utilizes an effective deployable planar active phased variety antenna that is fifteen meters (azimuth) x step 1
The brand new SAR cargo utilizes an effective deployable planar active phased variety antenna that is fifteen meters (azimuth) x step 1

232 m (elevation) sizes. Brand new antenna includes 1536 broadcast-discovered channels, which can be structured in twenty four columns (azimuth) and you will 64 rows (elevation), and you will distributed more 4 boards.

The efficacy of the entire antenna comes because of the one or two APUs (Antenna Power Systems), hence spreading an electricity shuttle to help you five antenna panels and control the fresh new aperture configuration by enabling otherwise disabling the fresh direct-current (DC) converter during the for each and every panel.

The fresh Antenna Screen Equipment (AIU) control all antenna beam building and you will direction works by getting orders in the electronic devices subsystem, interpreting the orders, and you will publishing this new beam manage sales to help you four panels on the type of studies coach. The fresh new phase and you will acquire settings of the many elevation beams, plus 205 correct-searching and you will 205 remaining-looking beams, is kept in AIU. The fresh AIU gets the new phase and you can get settings of the azimuth direction beam as within the-orbit computation.

Giving Obtain and you may Circulator Products (TGCU) enhance new transmitting signals acquired from electronic devices subsystem to get this new antenna, receive indicators about antenna, and you can publish them to the brand new electronic devices subsystem. Circulators are worried to split up the new sending and receiving paths interfacing into the electronic devices subsystem. A couple of TGCUs are widely used to push and you may located in the antenna for H and V polarization correspondingly.

New step 1:32 divider is positioned amongst the TRM calibration ports and the column calibration port so you can dispersed or combine H and V internal calibration signals

Whenever shipping, new rule waveform is actually amplified from the Radio frequency (RF) power amplifier and broke up by the a-1:dos divider during the TGCU to drive the brand new H otherwise V polarization antenna. Your selection of giving polarization can be easily used because of the enabling new associated amplifier based in TGCU. The fresh polarization group of antenna boards by time manage is even necessary because it can enhance the fresh get across-polarization separation.

The newest H otherwise V polarization signals received in the An effective and B panels is actually shared, called HAB or VAB, and put into a couple indicators, to help you form redundant RF paths to boost the computer reliability, also signals regarding the C and you will D panels

An electric cut-off drawing of just one antenna committee is offered when you look at the Contour 15. On committee top, RF interconnection between your columns as well as the remainder of the radar is provided by the around three identical step one:6 energy dividers. New handle bus and you can stamina bus are delivered of panel ports so you're able to half dozen line segments.

The new antenna was a modulated framework you to talks of a column as the a standard module, having its you to Column User interface Ha et glimt av denne lenken Product (CIU), you to Line Stamina Product (CPU), eight Time-delay Devices (TDU), 16 Transmit-Discovered Modules (TRM), thirty-two dual-polarization radiators, three-power dividers, and also the height flat shipping circle.

At the line component height, a couple step one:cuatro plus one step 1:thirty two fuel dividers are used to user interface the remainder of this new antenna panel from the RF road. The brand new 1:cuatro divider directs H otherwise V signals towards the TDU to own indication, and brings together new acquired signals throughout the TDU slots on the H or V output line RF harbors.

Five Transmitted-Discovered (TR) avenues is embedded in one TRM with just one to screen having the TDU. Per patch radiator enjoys H and you may V feeds, being totally independent with the providing and you will rule reception, and you will links which have one or two TR channels during the H and you may V polarization, respectively.

An excellent waveguide position radiator is used to reduce cross polarization and you may boost light results. The newest chose line spacing of radiator allows the newest antenna that have a good ±20° reading position when you look at the level instead of fun grating lobes, that's enough and you can very important to within the search position requirements from the a dozen observing modes, particularly Elizabeth means. But not, column spacing of one's radiator is tough to match the latest rigid conditions regarding lower grating lobes regarding a great ±1.9° studying angle regarding azimuth called for by the P mode. Thank goodness, the latest grating lobe should be left away from wearing down inside the azimuth ambiguity by the choosing the right PRF.

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